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We carry a variety of pipette tips for your daily liquid transfer handling applications. We have pipette tips from Neptune, Nest and other manufacturers. The Neptune low retention pipette tips are specially designed for Quantitative Real Time PCR (qRT-PCR) applications.

Neptune’s Revolutionary Environmentally Sustainable Pack (ESP) reload system offers the environmentally friendly reuse of existing trays. Unique transfer system minimizes plastic waste by as much as 90%. Reload 10 trays in 90 seconds. Integrated transfer card prevents contamination by minimizing handling. Universal pipet tips are made from virgin polypropylene. The thin wall design provides an optimal seal. Tips featuring the S3 polymer deliver to within 0.1% of indicated volume, ensuring a more accurate application.

Eco-friendly empty pipet tip trays are manufactured from recycled polypropylene. The trays are autoclavable, enabling reuse for maximum sustainability. When combined with ESP™ reload systems, these tip trays reduce plastic waste by up to 90%. The trays provide superior stability, firm placement, and a maximum space saving design.

Neptune convenient, quality-tested tips consistently deliver precise sample measurements in single and multi-channel pipettors:

Features and Advantages
● Virtually eliminate sample retention with Neptune Hi-tech polymer tips.
● Reload up to 10 trays in 90 seconds with our environmentally friendly packaging
● Get reliable results with tips that are certified free of RNase, DNase, DNA and endotoxins
● Confirm your draw visually through our graduated sides
● Fit most popular pipettes
● DNase and RNase free